The key to grabbing PAD by its tail in flinging it out into oblivion is better choices. What choices am I willing to make that set me on a path to healing? The reason we have PAD is our arteries are on fire. Period. There are a lot of reasons why it may be the case and varies from person to person. Yes, we all have one factor we can’t do anything about which is a genetic disposition. Others may have gotten as a side effect unfortunately to chemo or radiation. But we can help to slow progression of disease by removing some of the logs accelerating the flames such as smoking to food to a sedentary lifestyle…. Those are ALL these we CAN control with a simple choice: am I willing to grab the hose, turn it on, and put out the flames? Look, I fight every single day to make the right choices. Am I always successful? No! But what’s key is I am conscious of those choices and making better and better ones each day. We all have our moments to cheat. That’s fine. We are human. But the good news is, we have such a big family here who are all in this together and here to help one another live a better quality of life. Money or lack of money is secondary

Posted by Gregory Rau at 2022-11-17 04:02:05 UTC