TODAY’s RADIO SHOW! 11AM PT | 2PM ET Who has questions? Who has a story to share????? Who has insight??? Patients…doctors…industry are welcome! We are talking about the summer sun and heat...and how it impacts P.A.D. and C.A.D. Ask about heart meds. Ask about plaque stability and stroke. Share and experience in the ER or with your cardiologist! Join us LIVE!!! In the US, the call-in number is 1-888-367-5329 Out of US, you can also join us on zoom (remember to mute till we add ya!) Link: #PeripheralArteryDisease #peripheralarterydiseasesupport #heartdisease #cardiovasculardisease #stroke

Posted by Kym at 2022-07-02 15:57:50 UTC