Hey guys! My 86 year old Mom saw Dr George Adams at NC Heart and Vascular today for a 6 weeks follow up. He thought she was doing great. For those who don’t know she had blocked arteries 100% at her right ankle. Dr Adams was our third angiogram shot, thanks to @Kym! Her first three toes are gangrenous on the tips and he said they would eventually slough off 😞 but she has circulation to those toes!!! Dr Adams was able to open a 100% blocked artery to less than 20%!! And created a venous channel for another one!!! Thanks for your prayers and your words of encouragement. This group is full of heroes and warriors!!! Still praying for healing for all! Hang in there @douglassalisbury If the photo is not allowed, I apologize. I’ll be glad to take it down. Best to all!!

Posted by Karen Meetze at 2022-10-03 23:32:59 UTC