Hey Everybody - I'm about to post this message on my Facebook wall. Please tell me what you think! "Dear Relatives + Friends,   I'd like to invite you to count your steps for my favorite cause.   No, I'm not about to ask you for a donation, cash or Zelle or otherwise.   But if you're willing to go out and walk for a few minutes, and count your steps, that'd be great.  And it'd be even better if you walk with a dog.   I've been told that people who walk with a dog take more steps than those without puppies. So you'd do well to borrow a dog (that's what I'll do) or maybe adopt one for your family.   I'm doing this, and asking you to join me, because I live with Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), and September is PAD Awareness Month.   During the weekend of Sept. 16-18, my friends from The Way to my Heart and I will walk to raise awareness about PAD. We'll add up our steps in hopes of reaching 4,000,000 total steps worldwide.   Why don't you join in, wherever you may be?   For more information about the "PAWS for PAD" Walking Challenge, please visit: www.thewaytomyheart.org and look for the link to the "PAWS for PAD" campaign.  Thanks! 🐶"

Posted by FierceFrank at 2022-09-07 23:58:45 UTC