Ok I want to personally thank each and everyone one of you who were able to show up today , for the help you gave today and being there and your inspiration of hope courage and strength you shared , I also want to thank each and everyone of you that we’re there on the World Wide Web to support us and with out you it will would not work , and a big ole thank you to the Drs for giving of there time for us as individuals and a group in working on saving lives and limbs and making a difference and to our leader , the cog in the wheel that makes this work, one of our fearless leaders , kym , This is just the beginning of something different for us as patients with PAD and those awesome drs treating us ! What an awesome journey and adventure we call life! I am still going to slide sideways into heaven screaming yehaw what a ride !!!

Posted by douglassalisbury at 2022-08-21 04:21:59 UTC