Morning my fellow warriors, so listen up we had a great show Saturday for the ladies , it was very very informative about the fibroids that the ladies have to deal with , so this coming Saturday listen up guys we will be discussing something that is normally not talked about openly hardly at all , that we deal with our disease and that is the ability or not in having sex and the drive in dealing with it in or about depression whether we can or not have it , I guess you could could call it erectile dysfunction that can be caused by our disease , whether your in a relationship or not it is something that we do deal with and along with our prostate we will be discussing with the doctors , how often do you actually discuss this with your doctor , honestly!!! So join us and let’s make a difference in our life’s by being engaged with the right information to change our outcomes in our saving life’s and limbs and other things ! You too ladies join us as we are all in this together!!! (Edited)

Posted by douglassalisbury at 2022-08-01 13:54:36 UTC