Afternoon ! Just a personal thought here from me to my fellow patients and my doctors out there ! To my fellow patients, ok, we need to become more aware everyday of our own personal responsibility in being or best advocates. That means our eating habits, stopping smoking, and to walk walk and walk. We need to also learn the questions to ask and become more aware of our personal needs to help become better, healthier versions of ourselves. At the same time we need to remember what our doctors go through everyday. I can only imagine how many different places and turns they are pulled in every direction. Our doctors have worked hard to get where they are today. They have families and bills just like the rest of us. They do sacrifice a lot for us sometimes. We need to hold them accountable when necessary and also have to have the respect for them that they deserve also. All that being said, I have a message to my doctors… Ok well I guess it is simple: My name is Douglas and I am a human being not just a number or dollar sign. I have all these feelings and fears and I am scared with everything that’s going on. My life has completely changed in all areas of my life because of PAD and the overuse of bypasses, including an axillary as frontline treatment with no education on PAD and lifestyle changes or even prescription of meds to help slow progression. I had to retire I now live on a budget just barely getting by sometimes. I can’t barely do 3/4 or more of the things I use to be able too. Please take a few extra minutes and listen to me: Take time to listen to me. Forget your textbook and use your logic to really hear and feel what I’m saying to you…and maybe even not saying. Put down your phone for a moment and hold your calls for those 15 min that you bill insurance for spending with me. Touch me. Feel my pulses. Tell me to take off my socks every appointment for a full look. And don’t let me leave without making sure I have my questions answered and have a plan… …that I have comfort in knowing I have a partner in my care… …and I have hope again. How would you do this if I was your brother, sister , mom or dad? What would you expect of their doctors? So just thoughts that sometimes run through my mind! Just my own thoughts !!! Douglas C Salisbury

Posted by douglassalisbury at 2024-04-29 00:02:10 UTC