Good morning my fellow PAD warriors 👟🥷🏻 Welcome to a Friday It’s a good day wherever you are Think of something positive this morning and use it all day Don’t let the disease define you today You got this Get up and do something different today maybe Call someone and just say hello Go somewhere even if it’s just for a minute Draw , write , color , use your imagination somewhere or somehow Plan something anything Be that inspiration of hope courage and strength for yourself and someone else Take that extra step take that extra step take that extra step It’s one step away You got this Your are not your disease today We got you , we’re standing together , we’re standing beside each other and we’re helping hold each other up 👟🥷🏻👟🥷🏻👟🥷🏻

Posted by douglassalisbury at 2023-12-08 14:24:07 UTC