Howdy my fellow PAD warriors So I been kinda quite about my last dr appointments So first and foremost grateful for one thing and disappointed in another The disappointment is from me not knowing back then what I now today If I knew how important it was to get second or third opinions, things would be different today If I had listened to KYM and Kay and known them before the first bypass Again things would be different today I can’t express enough the importance of second or third opinions before anything is done sometimes I only knew I had to trust the white coat back then he knew it all and would fix everything He was nice guy who seemed to care But the reality is he did not know everything as I trusted Through it all we are here today The last Dr I saw basically said what I expected but did not really want to hear He basically said I was going to have to learn to live today with where I am today with the graft and everything I live with today , BS He said it was and would be to dangerous to do anything today , between my heart issues and the last myectomy surgery he said I have had enough operations there and it was really to dangerous , they did not know what they could really do and the risk was greater than he wanted to do So here we are , I sit here with the graft poking me and causing issues with about everything I do today and my heart issues caused from it all but still grateful I met KYM and Kay and they did get me in touch with drs who a year ago gave me some leyway in getting some blood to my legs But I am working everyday on making more adjustments to my living lifestyle today I have to work on my mental health today as much as before I still fight the disappointments and frustrations everyone else does I still fight the idea well what the hell , screw me What did I do to deserve this If I had just asked the right questions back then if I had just gotten a second or third opinion and got with the right dr the first time I could still be working , riding my bike , kayaking and my shooting outdoors , I could still drive my truck normally , I could still be making the money I was making Again life would be different with just the fact I asked for second or third opinion and gotten with the right drs the first time So we wake up everyday living life on life’s terms and still going to slide sideways into heaven screaming yehaw what a ride Welcome to the journey and adventure call life

Posted by douglassalisbury at 2023-11-30 01:07:33 UTC