So I wrote this last night at 3 am not feeling well at all and it carried over to this morning I want doctors to understand as a patient I am more than a number , more than a breath sitting In the waiting room , more than a dollar bill , I am a living human just like everyone else We are starting to make a difference slowly This is the part that we all have to work on together We must come together to make the changes that we all want to see happen I have to do my part and the doctors thinking has to change also and do their part I may not be a direct member of your family but dang with all that we go through together in this disease we are Some days it’s hard to have hope , courage or strength as some days I lose them all Its is so true change happens one step at a time We must make these changes as a team working together to fight the disease and have a working productive life as we can have today In no way am I bashing doctors but there are some changes that need to be made in general I wonder if I should post this as a patients perspective From a PAD and CAD patients perspective !!! I have been known to believe it or not , to say you get use to the episodes with heart issues sometimes Now my open heart surgery ( myectomy ) was last September , but here it is today November I say today mostly I have gotten use to still having issues, but some times it’s hard to not have my brain go places it should not when I have them Sometimes it’s hard to think maybe I should not go to sleep yet , when I do feel them Sometimes I think we’ll here is the big one just waiting for my defibrillator to hit me Between the thumb pressing on my heart with the thumping of a finger on my heart and the pressure The heaviness and my breath to catch up , but then I just wait, stand still and they will pass eventually , and mostly they do after a few minutes That’s the experience mostly all day sometimes know, still crazy thoughts sometimes , like tonight So me and Stella going to hang out side a bit enjoy the fresh air fir a bit !!! It has been kinda hard getting a Dr to really listen to me , it’s like they don’t believe me at all or something Then I will tell any dr , wether I am right or not, sorry but this axillobifermoral bypass that is 100% blocked plays a role in how I feel It has been unusually poking me all day today again, it’s a 4*4 sitting on my groin and leg on the right side , even when I walk It’s just a lump of useless hose in me that’s solid and zig zags down my chest and stomach into my legs like a half frozen water hose. My left leg is swollen and almost totally numb from the knee to my groin area on my leg , but that’s just nerve damage from the same bypass been told I have been standing and sitting all day , I sat when I felt I needed too, wood working , had fun , have to keep living 😃 I know they want believe it or me, but I live it everyday , it’s my life experience today !!! I guess , please don’t get one unless it’s is the absolute last option you have in saving your leg , get a second or third opinion before you do , but that’s just me !!!! It is decent outside , the clouds are cool this evening !!! The neighbors dog is parking kinda non stop lol lol lol Welcome to an amazing crazy journey and adventure we call life

Posted by douglassalisbury at 2023-11-11 05:03:10 UTC