You don't want to miss this discussion: Why Insurance Companies Deny Treatment! Interventional Cardiologist Barry Tedder has been advocating for months for one of his patients to undergo a potentially life-saving procedure that uses minimally invasive methods instead of surgery. Unfortunately, their insurance has denied coverage for it, causing frustration for Dr. Tedder and unimaginable suffering for his patient. This situation is not unique - insurance companies are consistently denying reimbursement requests from physicians for minimally invasive procedures that aim to open up the arteries of patients suffering from Peripheral Artery Disease (P.A.D.). P.A.D., a disease that is more prevalent and deadlier than all cancers combined (excluding lung cancer), causes severe leg pain during physical activity and can even disrupt sleep due to restricted blood flow caused by plaque buildup in the arteries. Vascular specialists are urging insurance companies to cover the necessary procedures to alleviate the suffering and prevent limb loss, but these requests are being consistently denied. To shed light on the reasons behind these denials, Kym McNicholas and Dr. John Phillips are joined by Ron Howrigon, President of Fulcrum Strategies, a consulting firm that helps physicians negotiate managed care contracts.

Posted by Kym at 2023-09-29 15:29:09 UTC