I was diagnosed with PAD in May of 2023. My ABI showed moderate arterial disease at rest and decompensated to severe arterial disease with exercise. Right .58 to .24 and Left .54 to .23 after exercise. My cardiologist ordered the test and scheduled surgery with no consultation. I was confused and frightened. My cardiac rehab nurses told me to walk and not have surgery so that is the advice I took. After educating myself I realize I need a vascular doctor. I had a stent put in the left side of my heart in April, 2023. They went through my wrist and I was out of the hospital in one day. It was amazing. I have been walking on my treadmill and outside too. One thing I noticed is the claudication occurs much sooner when I am walking outdoors versus walking on the treadmill. After reading all of your horror stories I realize I am fortunate so far. It encourages me to exercise and watch my diet. Should I find a vascular surgeon even though I don’t need surgery at this point?

Posted by jane at 2023-09-24 16:06:53 UTC