I met Society for Vascular Surgery Exec Director Kenneth Slaw, Ph.D., for the first time in person at Veith 2022 in New York to talk about our passion for saving life and limb for those with peripheral artery disease. I was in awe to discover his passion for helping others ran deep and well beyond vascular disease. Our one-hour planned meeting turned into a more than four-hour deep dive into his core values, passion, and purpose with global impact spanning two decades. He and his wife, Anne, are special humans who are angels here on this earth with a selfless commitment to helping others live a longer, better quality of life. Their story of how they have helped saving their son and other kids around the world is worth a listen as their contagious energy is sure to inspire you to never give up hope and keep the fight for a cure alive!

Posted by Kym at 2023-03-13 00:04:13 UTC