Saturday's Radio show Topic: The Food Epidemic Killing America. Join us! SAVE THIS LINK. Don't click till 2pm ET Saturday! 11am PT 1pm CT 2pm ET 7pm London What we eat is central to our health. It can prevent, maintain, cure, and cause different diseases. It can be argued that the number one killer in America, heart attack, might occur prematurely because of poor food choices. That's why Dr. Michael Dansinger is leading our discussion during this episode about how we cure America of its deadly eating habits. He will talk about what he's learned throughout his medical career, which is heavily focused on research and education on the power of dietary selection, including his time working with hit cable TV show, 'The Biggest Loser." Dr. Dansinger most recently served as the Medical Director for the Lifestyle Program at Boston Heart Diagnostics since 2011. Other career highlights include, credits as a "Nutrition Doctor" for "The Biggest Loser," author of the Tufts University Popular Diet Trial, which was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in January of 2005, and he's served as an expert with Medscape and WebMD since 2005. He says, "I quickly recognized during my fellowship training that much of the underlying cause of our broken healthcare system has been fueled by the growing financial burden of “Lifestyle Diseases”. I came to understand that the epidemics of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and related conditions were not only making millions of people sick, but also overwhelming our healthcare system. A few months into my fellowship program I decided I’d like to train in the prevention and reversal of lifestyle diseases." #PeripheralArteryDisease #peripheralarterialdisease #peripheralarterydiseasesupport #diet #food #paddiet

Posted by douglassalisbury at 2023-02-11 15:44:52 UTC