Howdy my fellow PAD walking warriors! So here we are February Let’s have a walking challenge Simple and fun Valentine Red sock month challenge Easy , each day , once a week , bi weekly or the whole month All it takes is taking one simple extra step Just track your steps the best you can and share them And an added bonus each day you share your numbers , we would like to hear one thing each day your grateful for or blessed to have in your life today and how about this one “we would like to hear or see something you love along your journey.” ?? Just a thought:) Ok this is meant as pure fun and to make those extra steps in saving life’s and limbs Join us , I will do my best keeping track of them as we did before , just share your name and numbers with me ( I am messenger also ) and then start sharing your numbers starting February 1 st Bring it on

Posted by douglassalisbury at 2023-01-31 15:02:37 UTC