Good morning my fellow warriors To all the new members here welcome welcome welcome glad your here for the inspiration of hope courage and strength and guidance and gaining knowledge about the disease of PAD So wanted you to know that I’m Saturday’s we have a radio show , it’s Kym McNicholas from the way to my heart and Dr Phillips from save my piggies Come listen and learn and participate ask your questions to the drs who are here for us and helping and working with us and helping saving life’s and limbs Come chat with us this Saturday join online for a fun chat at 2pm et, 1pm ct, 12pm mt, 11am pt and 7pm London. Here is the link to jump on during that hour TODAY: #padwalk #PeripheralArteryDisease #PeripheralArteryDisease #PeripheralArterialDisease.

Posted by douglassalisbury at 2023-01-06 17:14:19 UTC