Afternoon my fellow warriors, just checking in with y’all and seeing how everyone is doing out there in there part of the world??? YES, we changed the number on another year! But that’s it , We all still need to live life on life’s terms today! And I just want you to now that we all together as individuals are making a difference in saving life’s and limbs! And this year is even already bringing hope courage and strength to so many dealing daily with PAD and life in general. The inspiration is amazing to be a small part of in my life also and to share with each of you. So, just remember we are standing with you , beside you and we are helping hold you up , ok. Trust and believe in the process. It works when we work it. So, hang in there and we will make another year amazing in our lives! Bring it on and be ready as you are as individuals! It’s so important in what this face book group and the APP are working on daily! It’s not always perfect. It’s a work in progress as life changes daily and we learn daily to manage it with all the changes that happen in the open and behind the scenes. There are over 12,000 people or so in the groups we share as well as those who come through the leg saver hotline and are referred directly by physicians across the globe daily. Imagine how many thoughts and opinions that make up, how many voices that is….it’s amazing dealing with all that in Facebook and the APP…. So we learn everyday , have to adjust everyday. Imagine trying to please all them people at one time. lol. Sorry we do miss things sometimes. But we learn and improve daily. So be patient as we grow together as individuals and as a group that have come together to save life’s and limbs . Y’all have a fabulous day , and remember to walk, walk, walk as your warriors status declares 👣👟 👣👟 👣👟

Posted by douglassalisbury at 2023-01-03 19:42:17 UTC