Morning and howdy my fellow warriors , just sharing , you know what makes this such an incredible group and how it works? It’s simple. It’s all the different individuals that are here. Nothing is black or white. It’s everything in between as Albert Einstein once said”the important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” And while many of us don’t have the opportunity to question our healthcare team the way we want, it’s so incredible to have a safe place like this where we can not only ask the questions in our heart, but get a variety of answers from so many different experiences PAD Warriors share, to experienced advocates who have been on the front lines, to our amazing physicians and clinicians. There’s no one size to fit us all , and there in lies the amazing contribution we each make to the working of these groups it’s all of us as individuals coming together to share our own personal experiences of hope courage and strength , we must remember we are not doctors we leave that to them and we share together our own personal stories in the hopes of bringing comfort to those seeking it as it was given to us in the beginning , it’s an amazing gift to each of us to be able to share today with another individual and a group as individuals and working with the amazing doctors that are here and coming aboard daily and making an impact and will change that impact in saving life and limbs. I feel so blessed we have the individuals in our group working together with the medical staff and those coming on board, also grateful that all of us members together are creating a one stop source for education along with advocacy and support for individuals out there who need help, including additional options for opinions so we are able to know there might be more things docs can do to help us because sometimes our docs may not know something new today or yesterday that someone else may have learned. But most importantly I really appreciate all of hope courage and strength we share together as the main focus remains in saving life’s and limbs. 👣👟 👣👟 👣👟

Posted by douglassalisbury at 2022-12-15 22:46:36 UTC