Both Marc and Marian have mentioned the soccer journalist who passed from an aneurysm at the World Cup at age 49. As you know that’s what prematurely took my mom this year. It’s what prompted me to launch the CHAT campaign that I couldn’t get doctors to share or media to pick-up on, and here we are, a celebrity death, yet still no push for CHAT in the higher ranks. So it’s up to YOU, the patient, who, with PAD, are at higher risk and should urge your doctor to CHAT! An aneurysm rupture can be preventable if caught early! At EVERY annual appointment, no excuses, primary care physicians should C.H.A.T. with their patients. They already have the stethoscope in their hands to check the lungs and the heart, so why not move it to the carotids, stomach, and legs? It has the potetial to save life and limb. C: Carotids H: Heart A: Abdomen (aneurysm) T: Toes (leg/food pulses) Get your C.H.A.T. poster for your physicians office FREE from me or tell the doctor to ask for a FREE poster from a Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.'s sales rep! For more on aneurysms, listen to The Heart of Innovation's latest episode with Dr. John Phillips and Dr. George Arnaoutakis: Link: #aneurysm #healthcare #primarycarephysicians #PeripheralArteryDisease #peripheralarterialdisease

Posted by Kym at 2022-12-14 18:36:07 UTC