JOIN US TODAY FOR THE HEART OF INNOVATION RADIO SHOW TO ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT AORTIC ANEURYSMS. They can hit ya without warning and it's important to know what they are and how to talk about them with your doctor so what happen to kym’s mom tragically and unexpectedly never happens to you or your loved one! The show starts at 2pm Eastern Time | 1pm Central Time | 12pm Mountain Time | 11am Pacific time. Here is the link to join AT THOSE TIMES: Hope to see you there! Afterwards we will have a free-for-all discussion led by Douglas Salisbury and Elizabeth Denise which should be really fun! Plus, we are going to be giving away our fellow PAD Warrior Kevin Morgan's new PAD book! So, you don't want to miss it! #PeripheralArteryDisease #peripheralarterydiseasesupport #PeripheralArterialDisease #Aorticaneurysm #aneurysm

Posted by douglassalisbury at 2022-12-10 16:17:06 UTC