Howdy my fellow walking warriors, remember this month of July we are doing a gratitude list for each day, just so we can remember even though we are going through what we all do each day to be grateful, for the big things even those little things, yes we sometimes struggle with PAD and just things in life, but we all are here for each other and everyone of you in anyway we can, and to remember just to be grateful daily for those things sometimes we forget to, you all are warriors and winners each and everyone of you, I have said, each step you take is an inspiration of hope, courage and strength no matter if it’s 1 or 10,000, remember it builds us in better health both mentally and physically and that one step builds those collaterals and all this saves life’s and limbs, so join us and let’s have a month this middle if the year to be grateful each day fir something we can be!!! We believe in each and everyone of you PAD warriors!!!

Posted by douglassalisbury at 2022-07-03 22:17:30 UTC