Again I just have to say what an amazing job everyone did, you all are winners in my book, the inspiration so many people got from you being engaged and just getting out and walking was awesome. It was so cool seeing so many different things from all over this universe we live on and think about the collaterals that we built and the lives and limbs that were saved. Think of the inspiration each of you have on another person's life by just getting out there, that's the part I want each of you to understand, no matter how many steps you take daily, 1 or 10,000 you count, you are that important in this whole picture we are working on with PAD. Never never never ever ever ever give up, I - WE need your inspiration of that one step you take each day, it makes a difference, it does, and I-WE can't do this without you and that all important step you take each day. You all are winners and warriors, and we will get to a place very soon with your help and the doctors from all over the world who have joined us in this fight against PAD in saving life's and limb's.

Posted by douglassalisbury at 2022-07-03 21:58:39 UTC