Am not sure if this is where to post …if not sorry! I will be getting a referral from my primary care physician to a Peripheral Artery Disease specialist for evaluation. And I would love to get a jump on things I can do before that. Can you share some helpful sites on diet, care, info, etc. would really appreciate it. Any idea what possible mild to moderate disease means with this info from the ultrasound: Findings: There is biphasic flow throughout the left lower extremity. Velocities on the left lower extremity (cm/second) : CFA126 Proximal SFA143 Mid SFA169 Distal SFA111 Popliteal artery108 PTA85 Dorsalis pedis52 Impression: Biphasic flow throughout the lower extremity this may reflect mild to moderate disease. Peak systolic velocities are normal. Thanks ❤️

Posted by niknich2 at 2022-12-01 21:16:15 UTC